About Us


Redbus is a UK based business established in the late 90’s.

Redbus invests in early stage ventures, predominantly in the UK but also in the rest of Europe, Australia and the United States. It also creates its own new ventures through developing and incubating new ideas and innovations.

Additionally, Redbus allocates part of its resources to special opportunities such as acquiring a business that requires restructuring or purchasing an asset or real estate that seems materially undervalued.

We are not a fund, we are permanent capital, so we invest for the long term and can be very patient. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand some great businesses can take time to flourish.

Finally and maybe most importantly, we get, like and understand mavericks, outliers, innovators and operators. We once were them.


We are proven entrepreneurs who are passionate about backing the next generation of entrepreneurs.

All our lead people have founded or had senior managerial roles in start-ups that have had successful and material exits. Our portfolio companies benefit from the support both financially and otherwise of experienced entrepreneurs who have been on the same journey they are on.

Even though we have been around the block a few times, we are all relentless learners and remain focused on continuously improving our game and helping others to improve theirs.

We aim to provide entrepreneurial insights, know-how and operational experience that will help entrepreneurs have the courage to grab opportunities, avoid some mistakes and ultimately build excellent companies. Our capital (and value add advice) helps get companies to a stage that allows them to raise money on a much larger scale. At that point we can introduce them to later stage investors or on occasion strategic partners or acquirers.


We love it when people who want to talk to us manage to find someone in our eco-system who can introduce them to us. A recommendation goes a long way. If that is not possible then we would want know why you think we would be the right investors for you as opposed to anyone of the other great investors out there.

We move quickly and can run at an entrepreneur’s speed by virtue of running a partner-only investment team. You will only meet with decision-makers and rarely more than once or twice before we give you an answer.

Sometimes we take down a whole round, other times we act as lead or just participate. We like investing alongside angel investors whom have proven entrepreneurial experience and a successful track record of backing brilliant entrepreneurs.