Private Museum owners from around the world gather in London for summit


LONDON.- Art14 London announced the second edition of the Global Private Museum Summit, which will be sponsored by Citi Private Bank. The event will take place at the Royal Academy of Arts, London on Thursday 27 February 2014. Following the success of the inaugural event earlier this year, the closed-door session will bring together leading contemporary art museum owners to set up a network that will share exhibitions, expertise and funding strategies. Across the world, private museums of contemporary art are changing the ecology of the art world and this summit provides a unique forum in which an emerging and powerful force can meet and help to develop a sustainable future for the art world.

The Global Private Museum Summit will assemble private museum owners from all over the world, from China to Greece, from Indonesia to the United Arab Emirates, from the USA to Germany and from Mexico to Italy.

Philip Dodd, Chairman of Art14 London Advisory Board and Chairman of Made in China UK will chair the summit. Participants will include Wang Wei (China); Kian Chow Kwok (China); Li Bing (China); Dai Zhikang and Wong Shun Kit (China); Owais Husain (UAE); Ramin Salsali (UAE); Dominique and Sylvain Levy (France); Dirk Krämer and Klaus Maas (Germany); Gunnar B. Kvaran (Norway); Alexandra Economou (Greece); Dr Oei Hong Djien (Indonesia); Fabiana Marenghi Vaselli Bond (Italy); Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo and Eugenio Re Rebaudengo (Italy); Gina Diez Barroso (Mexico); Simon Franks (UK); Lord Edward Spencer-Churchill (UK); Nicolai Frahm (UK); Dr Bernhard Zünkeler (USA) and Don and Mera Rubell (USA).

Philip Dodd states that ‘The response to the inaugural summit was immensely positive. It clearly met a need and there has been tremendous enthusiasm from last year’s contributors – as well as new participants from countries as various as Indonesia and Norway – at the news that we shall hold a second symposium. The ambition of the summit is to set up a genuinely global network – whereby an exhibition might travel from France to Indonesia to the US or from China to Germany. In a global art world we need global networks and this may well be the first one which does not assume that west is best.’

Stephanie Dieckvoss, Fair Director, commented ‘The Global Private Museum Summit demonstrates Art14 London’s dedication to bringing major global private museum owners to London’s vibrant art scene. The galleries exhibiting at the Fair will show artists from almost every continent of the world and display them in dialogue with each other. The summit reflects the need for an art world with an international outlook and allows private museum owners to share their knowledge and expertise with a view to driving change world-wide.’

Suzanne Gyorgy, Managing Director Citi Private Bank Art Advisory & Finance said: ‘Citi Private Bank is thrilled to sponsor the Global Private Museum Summit, which will provide a fantastic opportunity for museum owners from around the world to share knowledge, develop networks and exchange ideas. The Summit acknowledges the increasingly important role of private museums, and has the potential to influence the way they collaborate and operate in the global art world.’

The Global Private Museum Summit is a three-way partnership between Art 14 London, Citi Private Bank and Made in China UK, of which Philip Dodd is Chairman. The Summit is the property of Made in China UK.

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